Facts about Qalqilya wall

 On August 15 2002, the Sharon government announced its plans for the wall that surrounds Qalqilya.
· As planned, the wall was not be built according to the borders of Israel (Green Line), but surrounded the city from three sides and was constructed on territory that is clearly within the borders of the occupied West Bank. 
· The height of the wall is 8 meters. It is surrounded by a trench the width of 4 meters and a depth of 2 meters, barbed wire, and finally a military road for Israeli army patrols. 
· Israel destroyed all Palestinian property (including homes, farms, fields, and greenhouses) which was located within 35 meters of the wall. 
· Out of 4 entrances to the city, 2 were closed by the army. The remaining 2 are under Israel's control. Hundreds of dunams were annexed for 2 "military roads". One of these roads is a tunnel for Palestinians, while settlers drive above. This tunnel is fortified with 850 meters of barbed wire fence along both sides. 
· The Israeli checkpoint located at the entrance to the city was moved 200 meters to the west from its past location inside the Palestinian territories, which lead to the annexation of more Palestinian land to Israel, in addition to confiscation of water wells of private property.

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