Mohammad Othman is a Palestinian human rights defender and former youth and campaign coordinator for organisations including Stop The Wall and The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel. He  has been giving tours of the West Bank for over ten years and his clients include Former American President, Jimmy Carter; Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair;  world renown author and journalist, Naomi Klein. Mohammad is fluent in English and has a rich understanding of both the political and geographical landscape.

The Tour

Tours can be arranged to suit all your personal needs. Full and half day political tours will take you to Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps in the West Bank. They are designed to help you develop an understanding of the realities of daily life for Palestinians living under occupation.

Each tour offers critical examinations of the history and politics of Palestine, meetings with representatives of Palestinian organizations and concrete case studies of how Israeli policies impact ordinary Palestinians.

Costs will vary according to the length and locations visited on your tour. Contact Mohammad directly to ask questions, discuss your interests and plan your journey. 
Email: Mohammadethman@gmail.com
Mobile: 00972-0597-313-221 

Voices from the Nakba,HANI AMER.

Hani Amer lives with his wife and six children in the village of Mas'ha in Qalqilya district. His six-year-old son is the youngest child. According to Hani, since the 1970s Israel has confiscated at least 7,000,000 square metres -- eighty percent -- of the land of Mas'ha, to build the illegal Jewish settlement of Elkana. Until now Hani Amer and his family have resisted all attempts by the Israeli military and settlers to chase him away. Today their house has completely surrounded by the wall and high fences. The family exhausted all its resources in its resistance to the wall, but Hani Amer is determined to stay. 

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